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Christmas Email Marketing: 5 Tips for Your Business

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Christmas Email Marketing: 5 Tips for Your Business

Christmas Email Marketing - Tips for Your Business

We’ve all hit unsubscribe after receiving a pesky Christmas sales email. This year aim for more than that drab “Merry Christmas” message. Rise above competitors with clever and creative email marketing campaigns that give customers a reason to read your content. Whether you operate a business in retail, software, telecommunications, or the hospitality industry, there are sales to be had and customers to be gained with the help of email marketing.

From the Montreal SEO experts at digital marketing agency Axagen, here are 5 email marketing tips to help your business succeed this Christmas season:

1. Write a Catchy Subject Line
The subject line is the first thing customers see when receiving an email. This tiny piece of text is perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to crafting email content. In no more than 5 words, you must captivate the audience, and explain what the email is about – all while promoting Christmas spirit. It’s hard work! Avoid using traditional call to actions and instead consider employing humor, a culturally relevant topic, or personalizing subject lines with customer names. To learn more about crafting stellar email marketing content, shoot our Montreal SEO experts an email.

2. Ensure Emails are Optimized for Mobile
The second most important consideration when crafting Christmas emails is to optimize for mobile. Up to 75% of emails are opened on mobile. If a customer can’t scroll through the email, or has difficulty reading because the font is blown up, they’ll scrap you faster than you can say “Santa.” Some useful tips for mobile optimization include reducing photo size, using a responsive template, including clear call-to-action buttons, and breaking up the text to avoid long paragraphs.

3. Automate, Automate, Automate
Successful Christmas email marketing relies on three pillars: sending the correct message, sending it at the right time, and sending it to the right person. Some companies opt for a simple Christmas newsletter sent to customers and prospects. This year take email marketing to the next level by employing an automation strategy. Email marketing platform allow for contacts to be segmented into groups. This is done based on prior behavior, geographic location, and other audience data. Assign each group with a drip campaign and you’ll have a much more profound influence over the audience.

4. Announce the Team’s Unavailability
This is a step that is all too commonly forgotten when it comes to marketing around Christmas. If you work in software or telecommunications, you might offer 24/7 technical support. Over Christmas time there will no doubt be a period where all staff is on holiday. To avoid frustration, let customers know when the office will officially be closed in a simple email.

5. Check Emails More than Once Before Hitting Send
You might have just crafted the best Christmas marketing email yet, but it doesn’t guarantee you spelled “Christmas” correctly in the subject line. To avoid embarrassing mistakes, read over emails, and then read them over again. A good practice is to ask a colleague or friend to review the content. They’ll have fresh eyes and be able to catch mistakes better than someone who wrote the email from scratch. Be extra careful when it comes to subject lines, H1s, H2s, and header and footer text.

The Christmas holidays are a golden opportunity to reach customers and prospects through email marketing. To learn more about lead generation through emails or other Montreal SEO services, get in touch with the digital marketing experts at Axagen today.

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