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Christmas Marketing Tips for Online Stores in Montreal

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Christmas Marketing Tips for Online Stores in Montreal

Christmas Marketing Tips for Online Stores in Montreal

Christmas is a shopaholic’s dream. If you run an online business in Montreal, Christmas is the opportune time to capitalize on that holiday impulse to buy, buy, buy. With 60% of shoppers preferring to purchase Christmas gifts online, the last few weeks of the year hold tremendous potential to bring in some serious cash. In fact, for many companies, most of the annual revenue is made in the weeks before, during, and after Christmas. On average, Canadians spend $1,053 on Christmas items each year when shopping online. Multiply that by the 1.78 million people living in Montreal and you’re laughing.

In this article, the digital marketing experts from Montreal SEO agency Axagen give a few marketing tips to help online stores in Montreal prepare for the Christmas season.

Provide Christmas Gift Cards
Did you know that among popular holiday gift items, such as technology, toys, apparel and accessories, and jewelry, gift cards are the number one item Canadians shop for as Christmas presents? Digital gift cards are easy to use, convenient, and hassle-free for both seller and customer. Plus, gift cards alleviate the necessity of choosing a unique gift – something many people struggle with.

Launch a Christmas-Themed Email Marketing Campaign
Put the standard email template aside and task the graphic designer with crafting unique, friendly, and maybe even humorous Christmas emails. If you use an email marketing platform like Constant Contact, Drip, or Pardot, you can create a drip campaign that runs on its own, and sends different emails to different customers depending on where they are in the sales cycle.

Create Christmas Wish Lists
For many shoppers, choosing the perfect Christmas gift is a challenge. Make their lives (and purchase decision) easier by providing pre-selected wish lists. If you run an online clothing company, for example, the wish list might feature the “Perfect New Year’s Eve Outfit” and include boots, a jacket, and a pair of jeans otherwise sold separately at a bundled, discounted price. If you run an outdoor gear store, you might feature a blog about “10 Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy,” and display popular products at a reduced price.

Offer Free Shipping
Many cringe at the idea of removing shipping costs, but trust us, it’s worth it. Nowadays, almost all businesses operate online. It’s easy to get pushed aside by competitors. Free shipping is no longer considered a “nice-to-have” for shoppers—it’s now seen as a necessity. Promise customers free and fast shipping, and you’ll be sure to see sales rise exponentially. If you’re concerned about losing money, consider inflating product prices to accommodate.

Stay Active on Social Media
Just because people start taking their holidays the second week of December doesn’t mean social media goes to sleep. Christmas is one of the most active seasons for social media use. As an online store in Montreal, this is a crucial time of year to interact with the online community. Post pictures of the office Christmas party, share a video of a coworker doing something funny in a Santa hat, or post Christmas-themed articles originally written on your website.

The Christmas season is one of the busiest and best times of year for online businesses in Montreal. Maximize profits and reach by following the simple steps mentioned in today’s blog. For more Christmas marketing tips, get in touch with our digital marketing experts, or read our article on Christmas marketing tips in 2019.

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