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6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

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6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Keeping up with changing technology, marketing methods, and Google’s algorithm is an immense task to undertake, especially when you’re spending the better half of your day—and evening—running a business.

As an entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to know where to invest your time. Digital marketing strategies are ever changing, and even once you have a handle on them, implementing them takes time.

So, how should you be allocating it?

It’s said that about 60% of your time should be spent on marketing and sales, 30% on delivering products and services, and 10% on administration.

The start-up is the exception to this rule. Because your primary objective is to generate leads, then 80-90% of your time should be spent on marketing and sales.

And digital marketing is your lead-generator.

There is a vast marketplace of prospective clients online that no small business, regardless of how new, should overlook. Yes, digital marketing may appear daunting at first (it’s only normal—you’re facing enough challenges on the daily), but that’s no reason to put it on the back burner or avoid it altogether.

Here’s the reality of business success: businesses don’t evolve by themselves. Having a website is a good start, but it’s not nearly enough to reach your growth potential. If you let it, digital marketing can do wonders for your business growth in so many ways—we’ve listed the top six:

1. Reach a Global Marketplace at the Lowest Cost Possible
No pamphlets. No TV ads. No billboards. With a small investment (compared to traditional marketing costs) and a well-targeted digital marketing campaign, your website and social media pages offer you the freedom of extending your services on a national or even international scale, whereas traditional marketing is limited to an area or region.

2. Drive Online Sales and Conversions
Getting quality leads is crucial to converting customers into buyers. Digital marketing allows you to target people that fall under your buyer persona, and with the right tactics, appeal to their interests enough to get them to purchase your product or service. With an expertly designed website, it only takes a few clicks to convert a customer into a buyer.

3. Brand Loyalty
Turning your customers into returning customers can be achieved through a variety of digital marketing methods. Social media marketing, for instance, allows you to keep a close connection with your customers; by posting helpful blogs, sharing company updates, announcing new promotions, and engaging with customers on a weekly basis, you’ll establish a network of people that will come to like and trust your brand.

4. Enhanced Online Presence
The first thing someone will do when they’re referred to a business is Google it. They want to see a professional website, reviews, and an active social media page. Why? Because it implies you’re an established company with quality products and services to offer. Investing in an online presence means investing in your business.

5. Insight into Your Client Base’s Needs and Wants
This relates, again, to social media, as well as community management. Customers won’t hesitate to express their dissatisfaction with a purchase—and publicly, too. Spotting a negative review, or even a positive one, allows you to understand what went wrong and rectify it, giving you control over the quality of your offerings.

6. Track Measurable Results
How else will you know whether your tactics are working? The ability to track results is one of the chief reasons why digital marketing has exceeded traditional marketing. With web analytics, you can measure the effects of your marketing campaign and keep records of how customers are responding to your website and/or ads. This insight is just what you need to modify your campaign and focus on what’s driving sales.

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