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How to Make a Marketing Video as Successful as the Bad Boys for Life Official Movie Trailer

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How to Make a Marketing Video as Successful as the Bad Boys for Life Official Movie Trailer

The trailer for the latest Bad Boys for Life movie evokes nostalgia in the truest sense. The characters are older (and perhaps slightly slower) than in their formative years. Nevertheless, the teaser gets your heart racing in anticipation—you and more than 18 million other people.

If you’re a small business owner watching that trailer, you might wonder: how do I create that much excitement and buzz about my own company?

It’s easier than you think.

From the SEO experts at marketing company Axagen, here’s what makes the Bad Boys for Life Trailer so successful:

  1. It uses humour to appeal to the audience
    Humour is a tough thing to master. None of us have the exact same sense of humour, and yet we can all appreciate when something is funny. So how does a marketer make something universally entertaining and humorous? A good place to start is with relatable content. Within the first 25 seconds of the Bad Boys for Life video, Martin Lawrence opens the door of an expensive car and smashes it into a fire hydrant. It’s a true “doh!” moment. We’ve all done something similar, and therefore can all let out a chuckle at the gaff. Using humour is a great way to appeal to your audience when crafting video content.
  2. It reinforces a sense of community
    Visit YouTube and you’ll see the Bad Boys for Life trailer has left in its wake an unstoppable flurry of online comments from ecstatic fans. When people love something, they want to talk about it. The same goes for marketing content for your business. The trailer uses inside jokes and references to the original film that only true fans will understand. This creates an “insider” circle of devoted fans who will act as the flag-bearers for your brand. The only risk here is alienating those who are unfamiliar with your brand, so be sure not to go too far.
  3. It’s flashy
    The producers of Bad Boys for Life show some of the most action-packed, showy scenes of the movie in the trailer. While not giving everything away, the trailer gives the audience an exciting look at what they can expect in the full film. Cityscapes, shootout scenes, car chases, clubhouse dance parties—it’s all there. When creating video content for your company, be sure to use clips that are visually stimulating, and that have some element of surprise, shock, or wonder that leaves the audience wanting more.
  4. The theme song sticks
    Watch the trailer for Bad Boys for Life once and you’ll be singing the theme song all day long. This is an effective marketing tool designed to get you thinking about the movie long after you’ve seen the ad. The same can be used when crafting video content to market your small or medium-sized business. Consider hiring a local marketing or design firm to help you develop a tune or jingle to go along with your video content. If it’s effective, it’ll stick with your audience for years.
  5. The video takes advantage of YouTube SEO
    Believe it or not, YouTube is a search engine—just like Google and Bing. YouTube SEO functions slightly differently than regular SEO; however, many of the main principles are the same. It’s thanks to an optimized video title, the use of relevant, popular keywords, optimized video tagging, and several other factors that bring this video to the top of YouTube search results. With similar techniques, the SEO experts at Axagen know exactly what it takes to get your marketing video to the top.

The Bad Boys for Life trailer is a good example of top-notch video marketing content. Many of the tactics employed throughout the trailer, like using humour to appeal to the audience, and using a catchy song to stay memorable, can be applied to the way in which one markets their own business. To learn more about digital marketing strategies for your company, contact the SEO experts at Axagen. Get in touch with us today for a free website analysis!

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