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How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for the Christmas Rush

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How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for the Christmas Rush

How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for the Christmas Rush

The Christmas season is here in full force. Any professional marketing team knows how much effort it takes to prepare a Christmas marketing strategy. There’s so much to think about: social media posts, web design, Christmas marketing emails, content creation, seasonal product releases, discounts. We know it can be chaotic. There are several things you can do to keep the team under control and keep the peace as the big day approaches.

From the SEO Christmas marketing experts at Axagen, here are a few ways to prepare the marketing team for the Christmas rush.

1. Create a Master Plan
At the beginning of the month, sit down with the marketing team and draft up a master plan. This should detail all initiatives, start and finish dates, and which employees oversee which tasks. Most employees will take time off over the Christmas. A master plan ensures everyone can work around their schedule to complete all projects well and on time. The team brainstorming process of creating a master plan will result in a more successful marketing strategy than one crafted on the fly.

2. The Best Way to Prepare Is…to Be Prepared
Many companies spend the majority of the annual marketing budget on the campaign surrounding the Christmas holidays. Everything happens much faster, with more on the line. The pressure is on—big time. It’s not uncommon for websites to crash, inventory to run out, or emails to bounce unexpectedly. Before the Christmas season begins, sit down with the team and develop a plan to deal with unforeseen emergencies. Consider making changes to customer service, shipping, and operations to prepare for the increase in sales. The most important piece of advice: don’t panic.

3. Make Content the Focal Point
As digital marketers with years of experience under our belts, the best advice we can give to get your team ready for the Christmas rush is to use a content-driven approach. The “content-first” approach is a no-brainer when it comes to boosting organic traffic. Consider publishing Christmas blogs, sharing Christmas gift guides or how-to Christmas articles, or hosting contests on social media. Good content, especially when crafted with SEO best practices in mind, can go a long way.

4. Don’t Forget to Honor Existing Customers
When gearing up for the Christmas season, it’s essential to include existing customers in the marketing plan. Your current customers are the reason why your brand – and its surrounding community – exist. The purchase path for a returning customer is much different than a first-time buyer. Consider launching two separate campaigns targeted at each group.

5. Keep the Team Motivated with Incentives
Crafting a brilliant Christmas marketing strategy is hard work. Reward the dedicated marketing team by offering incentives like a team dinner or Christmas-themed party, gift cards, or a Christmas tree decorating event. It will keep morale high and Christmas spirit in full swing!

While some kick back and relax around Christmas, others (like us) are working full tilt. To create a top-notch marketing campaign for Christmas you must stay organized, prepare for anything, and reward hard-working colleagues with incentives. To learn more about how to craft a kick-ass marketing strategy, call one of our local Montreal SEO experts today.

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