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How to Start Marketing Your Business Online

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August 12, 2019
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August 19, 2019

How to Start Marketing Your Business Online

There’s a lot to think about when starting up a business. How you present your business online is an important consideration. Your digital footprint is something that’ll stick with you for life. Here are four pointers from local Montreal SEO Company Axagen to get you started for marketing your business online:

Use SEO to Find out More About Your Audience
Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to any digital marketing strategy for Montreal businesses. SEO boosts your visibility on search engines, and helps your website gain authority among customers and prospects. By utilizing SEO tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner or Google Analytics, you can find out what your potential customers and looking for. Armed with this information, and with help from local SEO experts, you can create targeted content guaranteed to reel in leads.

Take Advantage of Chatbots
The use of chatbots is on the rise. The benefits of this relatively new technology are myriad. First off, chatbots are easy for customers to use. They improve the general customer experience, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. With a completely automated system, chatbots eliminate the need to hire customer support staff. With technology evolving at a light-speed pace, chatbots are one trend you definitely want to be a part of.

Market for Mobile
The word “desktop” is practically archaic. The majority of all potential customers will access your site through their mobile phones. Don’t leave room for doubt! Ensure your website is optimized for the mobile experience. This includes paying close attention to elements like web design, content, and site speed. Montreal SEO experts at Axagen will test your site to help determine its efficacy for mobile.

Stay Organized with a Marketing Plan
Digital marketers in 2019 need to be jacks-of-all-trades. There is simply too much to do to be a one-trick pony. From SEO to social media to web design, your marketing strategy could easily fill the jobs of a handful of people. Instead of stretching yourself thin and performing averagely across all tasks, come up with a structured, monthly plan to help you put your efforts in the right place. Your time will be better organized, and your work will shine.

We hope these four pointers help your digital marketing strategy get off on the right track. Our blog offers great tips, but there are plenty of other ways you improve web design, increase incoming leads, and promote your brand through digital marketing. To learn more, contact Montreal SEO consultants at Axagen today!

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