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5 Marketing Tips for the 2019 Christmas Season

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5 Marketing Tips for the 2019 Christmas Season

Marketing Tips for the 2019 Christmas Season

It’s happening already. There is barely snow on the ground, yet Christmas jingles are playing in superstores everywhere. Twinkling lights and mint-flavoured beverages are mesmerizing people across the country. ‘Tis the season for Christmas marketing. If you haven’t launched your 2019 Christmas marketing campaign yet, you’d better get on it because time is running out.

From the SEO experts at Axagen, here are a few useful marketing tips for the 2019 Christmas season:

Use Nostalgia as a Marketing Tool
Santa hats, ugly Christmas sweaters, mistletoe…it all goes. For many customers, nostalgia is a huge part of the Christmas season. Consider tapping into this emotion by incorporating classic Christmas traditions – making gingerbread houses, using advent calendars, planning a gift exchange, or making Christmas cookies – into this year’s Christmas marketing strategy.

Honour Loyal Customers
It’s true that the Christmas season is the perfect time to pitch to new customers. However, you can’t forget your loyal base of pre-existing customers! Use the Christmas as an opportunity to connect by providing a gift, like a discount on a popular product or free marketing swag, to your best customers. Other ideas include running an exclusive customer-only contest on social media, or sending hand-written thank you notes to a few special customers. You help build community while showing that your company cares about its people.

Use Video Marketing to Show the Face of Your Company
Did you know that 87% of online marketers use video content to promote their business? It’s not surprising that during the winter Christmas, this number gets even higher. At the office, the weeks before Christmas are generally fairly laid back. Capture your company’s Christmas spirit with video by showing a “behind the scenes” look at an office Christmas party, gift swap, or cookie baking tournament. Social media users are craving this type of thing all through December.

Collaborate with Other Small Businesses
You’re not the only company gearing up for Christmas cheer. Companies in your city are all scrambling to find the best, most effective way to market their business. Don’t beat ‘em – join ‘em. Consider reaching out to other local businesses in the industry to exchange coupons, provide special offers, or write joint Christmas-themed content, like a newsletter or blog. This brings us to our next point.

Launch a Christmas Blog Series
Even if cookie recipes, DIY Christmas crafts, and handmade gift ideas have nothing to do with your company, you can still benefit from launching a Christmas-themed blog series. By implementing high-traffic, Christmas-related keywords (which you can find with the help of digital marketing experts in Montreal), you can reach a brand-new audience base.

From the digital marketing team at Axagen in Montreal: Merry Christmas and good luck with your marketing campaign! If you need advice, consider getting in touch with one of our SEO experts today. We offer a free website analysis to help you get started.

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