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Post-Holiday Marketing Tips

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Post-Holiday Marketing Tips

Post-Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s official: Christmas is over. It’s time to take down the tree and start working on that reserve of leftover turkey. For marketers, the hard work of preparing for the holiday rush is finally over. But there are a variety of other ways to continue reeling in the sales, even in the days following Christmas. From the Montreal SEO experts at digital marketing agency Axagen, here are a few post-holiday marketing tips for your business:

1. Launch an Early January Clearance Sale
For those in retail, the new year marks a big swap-out in inventory. Consider hosting an early January sale to help get rid of old stock and clear space for 2020’s products. This will streamline internal shipping and handling processes in the new year, and keep customers interested in your products even after the holidays have passed. Consider using email marketing to deliver one new sale every day for the first week of January.

2. Collect Data and Put it to Good Use
Once things have settled down after the holiday rush, it’s time to evaluate. Sit down with the marketing team and ask questions like:

  • Which marketing efforts resonated most with customers?
  • Which social media campaign generated the most engagement?
  • What type of social media post did customers respond best to (photo, video, text)?
  • What type of feedback did we get back from customers?
  • What could we have done better?

Measuring analytics is a key step in any marketing strategy. The SEO experts at Montreal agency Axagen provide clients with detailed reports on the success of all digital marketing initiatives. Learn more here.

3. Leverage New Year’s
While it typically is not a shop-‘til-you-drop holiday, New Year’s is a great opportunity for marketers. ‘Tis the time for New Year’s resolutions: everyone is looking for ways to be better. Customers are more open to taking risks and trying new things. Those in the financial industry might use this time to offer discounts on services related to a big, life-changing purchase, like a house or vehicle, while those in the tourism and travel sector might launch a campaign encouraging customers to travel more in 2020. If you’re not sure how to connect your business with the New Year’s buzz, the SEO experts at digital marketing agency Axagen can help.

4. Get Shipping Figured Out
It’s true that work slows down after the holidays. But it doesn’t stop completely. A boost in sales means more revenue, and it also means more returns. In fact, one in four customers will return or exchange at least one gift after the holidays, with 60% of those customers saying they’d rather do it in-store as opposed to online. Processing endless returns while keeping customers happy is a big job. Ensure you have enough team members back at the office and enough inventory to satisfy return orders during the first week of January.

Tie up the holidays season with a bow by employing a post-Christmas digital marketing strategy. To learn more about the benefits of marketing after the holidays, or for information about our other Montreal SEO services, get in touch with the Montreal SEO experts at Axagen.

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