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Save Your Brand with an Explainer Video

Save Your Brand with an Explainer Video

Humans are incredibly visual beings. Whether it’s conscious or not, we rely on our eyes to make snap decisions about products and brands every day. Visual marketing elements like photos, graphics, and videos tend to grab our attention faster than text. For several years, video marketing was perceived as impractical. It was expensive, time-consuming, and required expertise in video editing that many marketing teams didn’t have. Now, smartphones and editing apps make video production more affordable than ever. With this access comes a new phenomenon: the explainer video. It’s used – with great success – by companies across the globe.

From the Montreal SEO experts at Axagen, here’s everything you need to know about explainer videos and the benefits they can have for your company:

What Is an Explainer Video?
An explainer video is a short, concise video used to explain a product, product feature, or story behind a company brand. Explainer videos rarely follow the “talking head” interview format. Often animated and with a simple script, the videos are used to unpack a complicated product, service, or concept difficult to explain through other mediums, like text or photographs.

What Are the Benefits of an Explainer Video for My Company?

They Get Across Only the Information You Want to Convey
We all know content is king. But explaining the methodology behind an exciting but complicated new product feature, or presenting your company’s unique selling points can lose its “punch” fast when presented through text. Explainer videos give the audience the largest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. In a world where most interactions take place in the space of 140 characters of less, this condensed form of storytelling is easy to digest.

They Can Be Used Anywhere and Everywhere
One of the greatest benefits of explainer videos is shareability. Unlike content, which generally lives and stays within a handful of web pages, explainers can be shared across a variety of platforms, like YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and more. Videos are the most shared type of content on the internet. If done well, your explainer video could reach thousands, even millions, of people.

They Can Be Understood by All Audiences
The beauty of explainer videos is that they can entertain, inform, and wow all sorts of people. Unlike targeted marketing efforts, which are designed for a specific subsect, explainer videos are so short and simple that they can be understood by everyone.

They Allow for Creativity and Personality
Explainer videos allow you to break the mold of the usual marketing spiel and show some personality. Explainers often involve animations, which means there is lots of room to get creative. Use company colours, add a surprise drop-in from a company mascot, or employ humour to help create brand awareness.

They Encourage Viewers to Take Action
The goal of an explainer video is to inform viewers about a certain product, service, or concept, and to spark further curiosity about the brand. By adding a call to action at the end of an explainer video, you can get viewers to sign up for a newsletter, fill out a form, or download more information about a product.

An explainer video can take your marketing initiative to the next level. To learn more about the benefits of explainer videos, or to start crafting your own today with the help of Montreal SEO experts, get in touch with the team at Axagen today!

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