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July 18, 2019
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5 Secrets for Small Business Marketing

Marketing doesn’t happen overnight. Marketing is a craft, and, like any art form, takes time, patience, and diligence to be done right. Being a small business owner requires a unique set of skills to effectively market your business.

Here are 5 secrets for small business marketing from the Montreal SEO experts at digital marketing agency Axagen:

  1. Get to Know Your Customer
    Although crucial, this step is often missed in small business marketing. Having a thorough understand of who your target audience is, and what their interests are will allow for a much more refined and effective marketing strategy. In addition to conducting market research (which may require you to hire a local SEO company), you should ask yourself the following questions:
    • Who is my ideal customer?
    • What is the main problem my customers are trying to solve?
    • Who are my main competitors, and what are they doing that I’m not?
  2. Focus on Local First
    If you can’t convince your neighbours to buy your product, you’ll have a hard time convincing the rest of the world. Building authority and trust in your own community is key to getting your small business off the ground. Consider hosting a local event, like a walkathon, barbecue, or day at the beach, or contests to create buzz around your brand. Handing out local swag, like memorable business cards, hats, shirts, or items unique to your product, is another way to get your logo on the map.
  3. Employ a Kick-Ass PPC Strategy
    Online marketing is a no-brainer for small businesses. Crafting a pay-per-click campaign can be done with the help of local SEO services, requires little effort to maintain, and comes at a relatively low cost. For small businesses, the campaigns tend to be very targeted, meaning a high click-through and conversion rate.
  4. Stay Active on Social Media
    One of the benefits of operating a small business is that it’s relatively easy to keep track of what’s going on at the office. The intimacy that comes with operating a small business means that there is lots of opportunity to capture moments to be shared on social media. In the middle of an office move? Testing out a standing desk for the first time? Going to a company dinner to celebrate a new milestone? A good rule of thumb to keep your audience engaged on social media is to share one post per day.
  5. Hire the Best Content Writers You Can
    It’s seriously worth it. The expression “content is king” is no understatement. Great content is your golden ticket to success. It helps boost your brand, and gains you trust among customers and prospects. Consider getting in touch with a local SEO agency to ensure your marketing content is A1.

Marketing a small business is the sum of many parts. To learn more about effective strategies for marketing your small business, get in touch with Montreal’s digital marketing agency Axagen today!

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