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5 Things You Didn’t Know (And Definitely Should) About SEO

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5 Things You Didn’t Know (And Definitely Should) About SEO

Think you’re a master at SEO? Well, you might be. But we know for a fact that SEO is always in flux. It’s a big job to stay on top of the hottest SEO trends when they’re changing every day. From digital marketing agency in Montreal Axagen, here are 5 things you didn’t know (and definitely should!) about search engine optimization:

  1. You Should Always Rank for People First, Robots Second
    Trying to outsmart the Google algorithm won’t happen – we’re sorry to say. With rapidly evolving technology, search engines are adapting their algorithm to better accommodate the needs and behaviors of real people. So stop wasting your time trying to bust the search engine code, and start focusing on what your customers and prospects want to see!
  2. SEO Is Nothing Without Design
    On its own, a good SEO strategy can get you a long way. Couple it with impeccable web design and you’re miles ahead of the rest of the game. This is another example of optimizing your website for real people, not robots. You want the user to feel like you’re reading their mind as they navigate your site. Consider hiring a top-notch web design firm like the experts at Montreal SEO company Axagen to boost your site and keep prospects chomping at the bit.
  3. Keeping an Eye on Competitors’ Keywords Is Essential
    Checking out which keywords competitors use should be part of every SEO strategy. You can do this by using tools provided by Google, by hiring SEO experts like the digital marketing team at Axagen, or by doing a little research on your own. Simply scroll through your competitor’s webpages and keep note of which words they repeat in the title, H1 and H2s, first 100 words, and last 100 words of each page. These are likely their primary keywords.
  4. Featured Snippets Might Work to Your Disadvantage
    A featured snippet is the block of content that appears at the top of search result with details about a product or service. Featured snippets are meant to provide users with answers to specific questions typed into the search box. The mainstream opinion is that structured snippets are good, as they provide users with the exact information they are looking for. The flip side is that featured snippets can do just that – and nothing else. Once satisfied with the answer, it’s possible the user won’t feel the need to further peruse your site. To avoid this, stay away from writing general content in featured snippets – try to keep the text as concise as possible.
  5. Relevant Terms Will Rank You Higher
    Keywords are an obvious must to getting your website’s SEO up and running. Take it a step further by including relevant search terms on your pages. Relevant search terms refer to any word or series of words related to your product or service. For example, if you were writing a blog about coffee tables, you might also include content and links towards other articles about coffee table books or tablecloths.

It’s impossible to know everything about SEO. But picking up useful tips and tricks will put you ahead of the game. To learn more about how search engine optimization can boost your business, get in touch with Montreal SEO company Axagen today!

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