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5 Hot Tips on Using Social Media to Promote Your Montreal Business

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5 Hot Tips on Using Social Media to Promote Your Montreal Business

Tips on Using Social Media to Promote Your Montreal Business

5 Hot Tips on Using Social Media to Promote Your Montreal Business

Social media is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to get your company on the map. The benefits of a well-executed social media strategy are endless. Promoting your Montreal business on social media channels takes research, patience, and creativity. Read these 5 hot tips from the experts at Montreal SEO company Axagen on using social media to promote your business:

  1. Identify Your Audience
    Knowing your audience is key to social media marketing success. It’s impossible to target everyone at once. Outlining who your target audience is—whether it be hardcore gamers, technical writers, or aestheticians—is the first step to any social media marketing strategy. Having a clear understanding of your audience will help you determine important elements like posting schedule, your brand’s voice, which type of information you share in your profile bios, and the content you publish. Montreal SEO company Axagen will help you develop an A1 strategy for social media marketing.
  2. Don’t forget, your followers are real people!
    It’s easy to forget that “likes” or “views” come from real people. It’s important to keep this in mind when creating marketing content for social media. Your users want to be spoken to like real people. So scrap the digital flyers! Scrap the corporate lingo! Write to your audience with a personal tone. Appeal to their senses.
  3. Post Visual Content
    There’s nothing like a high-definition drone video to boost engagement on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Graphic posts have a much higher chance of being liked, commented, and shared than plain-text ads. Visual content, like group photos, infographics, or customer testimonials, are also a great way to promote your brand. To learn more about what content gets the most hits, get in touch with digital marketing agency in Montreal Axagen.
  4. Follow up with social leads
    Touching base with contacts made on social media should follow the same principal as those you follow up with a normal sales environment. They’re just as valuable! Whether someone has watched your promotional video five times, or commented on your last ten posts, it’s essential someone from your digital marketing team reaches out and bridges that gap. Often, people you connect with on social media are more receptive than standard sales prospects. They’ve clearly already shown interest in your product, so chances of conversion are high.
  5. Focus on Quality over Quantity
    Here’s some valuable advice: if you’re posting just for the sake of posting, you should stop. One memorable social media post is more valuable than 25 mediocre ones. Each post should have a well thought-out goal, and a clear call to action link or button. Including relevant keywords in posts is another great way to help you boost your organic SEO. This is an easy, free way to promote your website and gain trust and notoriety. To learn more about how to create quality content on your social media channels, contact the internet marketing specialists in Montreal at Axagen.

Social media is one of the best, budget friendly ways to link up with customers and prospects. If you’re not promoting your business on social media channels, you’re missing out. To learn more tips about how to create a top-notch social media marketing strategy, or for a free website analysis, contact us today at Axagen!

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