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5 Ways to Revamp Your Business’ Social Media for Christmas

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5 Ways to Revamp Your Business’ Social Media for Christmas

Ways to Revamp Your Business Social Media for Christmas

Twenty-five ago, Christmas shopping involved slogging around jam-packed malls with dozens of shopping bags and a fast approaching deadline. Now, shoppers are turning to their mobile phones for hassle-free Christmas shopping. Where do they look for ideas and inspiration? Nearly one quarter of shoppers say they turn to social media. This trend is expected to grow, making it increasingly important for businesses to revamp their social media presence around Christmas on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

From the Montreal SEO and social media experts at digital marketing agency Axagen, here are 5 ways to get your business’ social media ready for Christmas:

1. Wish Followers a Happy Christmas
You might have said it a hundred times to coworkers at the office, but don’t forget to wish online followers Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. One might think people take a break from phones on Christmas day, but it happens to be one of the busiest days of the year on social media. Use this as an opportunity to broaden your reach by sharing a collage of Christmas photos taken at the office, or posting a banner advertising a special Christmas gift or discount from the company.

2. Consider Area-Based Targeting
Social media offers the incredible gift of being able to choose who sees which content. Give local marketing a boost by targeting social media posts to certain cities or specific geographic location. If your company has an app, consider sending out special offers or alerts specific to location. Say goodbye to generic, mass-audience-targeted posts.

3. Grant a Wish
Post a list of hot products to social media and ask followers to pick their favorite gift. Honor a dedicated customer by granting them their gift wish, and announcing the win on social media. It will get people talking about your brand and help build an online community. What’s more, social media posts with a high level of engagement (likes, comments, and shares) last longer, and spread farther than non-engaging posts.

4. Use it As an Opportunity to Promote an Event
Everyone loves an excuse for a party, dinner, or social event. Use the holiday buzz around Christmas to help promote an upcoming company event. This might be a Christmas party, partner brunch, or community event. Be sure to use images when posting about the event on social media. If the budget permits, you may want to consider posting a short video to generate excitement. To encourage engagement, host a mini contest for a pair of tickets.

5. Post Creative Christmas Blogs
People love reading blogs about anything festive. Get in the Christmas spirit and increase traffic to social media pages by posting Christmas-themed blogs or DIY articles. You might write a post about 5 Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas (finding a way to sneak in your top-selling products), How to Wrap a Christmas Gift, or 5 Things You Should Never Do on New Year’s Eve. The sky’s the limit!

Social media is the best way to create buzz around your brand for Christmas. Montreal SEO experts at Axagen have many tricks up the sleeve to help get businesses on the map. To learn more about Axagen’s Montreal SEO services, get in touch with the team today.

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