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Why Every Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

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Why Every Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

Did you know that more than half of marketers worldwide say video marketing is the type of content with the best ROI? Many perceive video marketing as a big financial step — the camera, the lights, the staging — it’s all too much! The truth is, there are a variety of tools on the market that allow you to promote your company through video marketing at a low cost, with guaranteed ROI. If you’re asking yourself if it’s worth it, the answer is simple: yes.

From the digital marketing experts at Montreal SEO company Axagen, here are a few powerful reasons why your business needs a video marketing strategy:

Get in Google’s Good Books
New visitors are more likely to stick around for a 5-minute video than a 1,000-word blog on your site. When done right, marketing videos encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. This proves to search engines like Google that your site produces quality content. Be sure to apply SEO best practices to all videos, adding relevant titles, descriptions, and links back to other pages on the site.

Videos Increase Mobile Traffic
The majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. With mobile video consumption growing exponentially, having a video marketing strategy ensures you are reaching and collecting this new and constant wave of potential customers. What’s more, when users watch videos on mobile, they are much more likely to feel a personal connection to the brand.

Explain in a Video What You Can’t in a Blog
The expression “show, don’t tell” takes on a whole new meaning with video marketing. Let’s say you’re a furniture company and want to advertise patio furniture designed to withstand Canadian winters. Which do you think sells better: a blog explaining how a chairs deflect snow with a unique patented material, or a video showing a lone, undefeatable chair in someone’s backyard during a world record-breaking snowstorm?

Help Build Your Brand
Video marketing is great because it allows for a freedom of expression difficult to obtain with simple text. Videos share more than just a message: through music, tone of voice, and facial expression, they provoke emotions in customers. This is important because it helps visitors remember your brand; a much more effective way to reach customers than with “salesy” content.

Videos Are Shareable
The beauty of marketing videos is that they can exist virtually anywhere, from a webpage, to social media platforms, to an email inbox. Visitors are much more likely to share engaging video content than they are to share static content. With the click of a button, your video can become an internet sensation (you just need a handful of marketing experts to help you make it happen)!

Video marketing is a surefire way to get your business on the map. Learn more about the benefits of video marketing from the SEO experts at digital marketing agency Axagen. Contact us today for a free website analysis!

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